about LAGOM

Lagom [lɑ̂ːɡɔm] adverb or adjective

The Scandinavian concept of having just the right amount: not too much, not too little.


Any „lagom“ definition will describe this concept as being all about balance, simplicity and awareness. Considering these as a true goal, we entered this industry with the clear motto: „What’s moderate is good for us all“. The story of LAGOM begins with a great passion for high-quality garments that inspire and shine a spotlight on individual style. We strongly believe that good design adds value to life. Hence, we approach fashion with a perspective of longevity by making fewer but better garments with the utmost attention paid to simple and clean lines, just respecting the priority given to practicality, convenience, and resistance. Our work is based on advocating high-quality fashion investment due to the need for mindful consumption and creating fashion beyond the seasons. We offer a masterful production of clothing to our clients, at the same time giving them an opportunity to move away from the mass offer and find their own style.

about us

Us [ʌs] pronoun

Two best friends and business buddies.

Designing beautiful clothes that feel good is one thing, but imagine a world where two friends who have fantasized about joint creation since high school get to do it together! Our paths have diverged to two different continents during our studies. However, 2020 has made changes in everyone’s lives and we were no exception. That is when we both became jobless, forced to return to our parents and contemplate on further steps of self-realization. While keeping in constant touch, sharing a love for fashion design and exchanging experiences and knowledge, we came to realize how complementary our skill sets would be and how successful we could be professionally as a team. A lightbulb went off – we decided to combine our ideas and creativity under one denominator – LAGOM. What inspires us is the creative process itself, having a vision and going through the practical steps to achieve it. It is like problem solving, and most of all it’s about the craftmanship and teamwork. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


Mia & Sara